Thursday, January 07, 2010


During the course of my life, I sometimes search for dissonance. Consonances are surely beautiful. To drink a good white wine in a sunlit room on a late spring afternoon is an epitome of consonance. On the other hand, disagreeing can be also glorify the soul, whether it is with people, food, music, or painting.

Sometimes, the dissonant experience visits us in a subtle form. take the paintings by Francis Bacon (1909-1992), for example. His paintings makes the onlooker uneasy, as if something is wrong with the painting, or the world, or, more seriously, with ourselves. It is as if elements of rage of disagreement is diluted, and sprinkled all over the place, so that the dissonance in distribution becomes something akin to love.

Self Portrait by Francis Bacon.


Shinya said...

Dear Mogi-san,

I remember that you are interested in the difference of functions between glass and mirror. Do you know this story below? It might be interesting for you.

ANTIQUE FRAMES WITH GLASS – Bacon mounted his paintings behind glass and used traditional heavy frames. He covered his paintings with glass as he liked the subtle interaction between the viewer and the image that was created by its reflection. The traditional frames were a device that associated his art with the dignity and substance of the old masters. Bacon’s most famous work, ‘Study after Velazquez's Portrait of Pope Innocent X’ is based on the painting by the great Spanish master.


Once his painting was exhibited at Pompidou Center without glass, since the curator thought that the subtle reflection made it difficult to see his painting. However, this decision made Bacon very angry.

Most of his motif of paintings are former boyfriend of him (Bacon was a gay person). The "distanciation" of his own memory by using glass might be inevitable for him, I think.

Shinya Watanabe

Yuzu said...

I respect a person who can enjoy the course of life
deeply or is attached to anything and anybody.
Since I started reading Mr.Mogi's journal, I respect you.
I think it is professional of life.
I go out that Mr.Mogi told us,
>so that the dissonance in distribution becomes something akin to love.
I think it is beautiful life,I think.