Saturday, January 02, 2010

The blanket mood

As a kid I used to stay in the blanket, especially on a cold morning.

I would wrap myself entirely in the warm cloth, with only my head sticking out of it. At this posture, the wayward strings and fluffs would be just in front of me. I would watch them in a correspondingly capricious mood, slightly out of focus. Then I would gradually find myself in a virtually isolated state. Cozily isolated.

The world around me disappears. There is just I and the piece of string protruding out of the blanket. I would be immensely happy. Like I was still in the mother's womb. There was nothing to be added, or subtracted. I am in a perfect state of bliss.
Then time passes, and I have to go to the toilet, or prepare myself to go to school. With a sigh and resignation, I would hesitatingly get out of the blanket. Those were the days.

Mornings have become practical nowadays. I seldom get into the blanket mood. When, on a rare occasion, I find myself reluctant to get out of it, I regard it as a special bonus. The spirit of childhood has returned to me.


Anonymous said...

Funny...I was wrapped up in a blanket as I read this. I guess we all have blanket moods sometimes. But, I can relate to your detailed sense of feeling as a child. As a child I also had more profound experiences than I do now as an adult, as a child I was always in aw by the world.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Mogi's essay reminds me, Linus. He was my preferred character, the most, in the "Peanuts" which featured Snoopy and Charlie Brown.

I am not rich, especially nowadays. I cannot buy enough goods, blankets also. It is a mid-winter now, literally I am feeling cold every night, my pockets are feeling cold as well every day, we are waiting for spring :)

Anonymous said...

The mother's womb, the blanket, the hot bath, and the lover's arms. Being wrapped by such things, I feel easy. The mood that is sweet and warm makes me tender and strong.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I prefer the blanket mood to the practical one.
I love oversleeping too.
Yes, the spirit of childhood is eternal.
So,next, I must think about the matter,"What is spirit?"," What is eternity?" and "What is...

"Get up! Rise and shine!"
Wow, my mother is shouting. Well well, my favorite time has...

Yuzu said...

I watched your various TV programs, and I felt you were very charming and energetic person. If you are in the blanket mood person sometime, everybody would understand your personalty or you need it. Everybody think it is you,that's O.K!
The life is a wonderful present for us, we always will find how to go comfortable life.
Please do not think about it is a special bonus.
Anyway we have the spirit of childhood in bottom of heart always. It is also a wonderful present for us.It is one of power sources.I think.

Katherine (a.k.a. Katie) Corrigan said...

This year make time for those wonderful blanket moments. They are always comforting . A lovely post. Thank you for sharing. Wishing you happiness, Katherine