Monday, October 26, 2009

A massacre of possibilities

Today, the qualia journal celebrates 150 days of continuous entries, the streak starting on the 6th of June 2009.


I do not know why I have not done such a thing earlier. But then life is always like that, doing essential things too late too little.
Going through the every day is like trying to manage while being pressed against the wall. I am sure that by attending to a particular thing you lose track of others. Life is a infinite series of choices, forced, and sometimes out of rhythm, and yet you've got to keep your stiff upper lip.

Ken Shiotani, my best philosopher friend, once said that to live is like to experience a massacre of possibilities. You follow a particular trail, and at that moment precisely, an infinite number of alternatives perish.

I remember quite vividly the evening on which I and Ken Shiotani the fat philosopher talked about the inevitable mass death. I think we were talking about his former girl friend. We were on the river bank.


(ma)gog said...

I have been following your english journal everyday (of course the Japanese one as well), and it's been such a pleasant and stimulating experience. I will try to keep up with you as long as you continue to write!

R_Yuzuriha said...

Congratulation on the 150th anniversary!
I have read the qualia journal more than 100 entries at least.
While reading this, various kind of things start to be influenced in myself gradually.
And then, I think I will enjoy today and my life.

kirai said...

I've been following you English blog from the beginning and I hope you will continue 150 days more and even 1.500 :)

About opportunities-possibilities in life the women or the men you choose at a given moment opens/closes many paths... I guess your friend Ken Shiotani thought a lot about this. Another thing that open/closed many paths for me was coming to live to Japan from my home country Spain.

PS said...

Congratulations - your English has really improved. I say this every time, but every time it's true again.

However, Shiotani isn't that fat.

hanayoko said...

I was interested in a story of Isaiah.
I borrowed a related book.
Words to "harden a heart" come out to there.
It is very difficult.

Petrusa de Koker said...

Congratulations on 150 day of writing in your English Blog! May there be many many many more entries in this English Blog.

etsukosuda said...

Congratulations! A very good thing about you keeping up with your English blog is that now my English husband can read it! Previously, I enthusiastically talked about your thoughts and deeds to him only to feel a little frustrated as explanations are not enough to make somebody truly understand. Hope you will keep going for another 150 and more.

Kanak said...

Congratulations on your 150 entries!

Your writing sometimes makes me even cry.
I don't think I am easily moved.
It's just because, I think, you tell what the truth is.

I will keep following your blog!

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...


I think today's entry has a significant indication. Sometimes I think about a parrallel universe...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dr Mogi!

and I agree with Mr Sunayama.

I have a feeling that I slip into a parallel universe since 137 mornings before ..

for me, it is happening very frequently.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Dear Anonymous san,
Thank you so much. Let's follow Dr.Mogi's profound and thougutful essays.