Friday, October 30, 2009

Book signings

I sometimes do book signings. My record was when I signed about 300 books in Kochi. That was strenuous.

When I sign my book, I always add a small illustration. It all started with a tree and a bird perched on it. The tree symbolizes my name ("Mogi"). The bird presents some lovely things that visit my way in life.

Over the years, the illustrations have changed. My recent favorite is "an erupting volcano", under which I write the words "explode!". Needless to say, I write my name, too.

From time to time, I try to draw a different illustration for every book brought before me. That is when my brain is put to the most difficult labor. I can feel the circuits within me pressed hard against the wall.

Book signings are like ascetic trainings.


Takuro said...
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R_Yuzuriha said...

I got the illustration is like a birthday cake on "Shiko no hojyosen" around a yeas ago.
Somehow I was really happy because the illustration just fitted my mood. Thank you very much.

moomin0sun said...

 Very nice and cute. Someday I
would like to meet your bird and
How sing a song the pretty bird!

EdoRiver said...

Have you ever watched a pro baseball player signing baseballs, (hundreds of baseballs, and then follow that with signing various misc. items like jerseys, bats, programs, and cards, for 12 hours a day (suitable "juice" breaks of course) for 3 days, at card shows)? Of course they are well-rewarded for this effort, but you should count yourself lucky. Maybe if you charged for your autograph it would help remove some of the fatigue from your effort.