Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I shall doubt myself today

I saw a bunch of people shouting slogans on the street. It is a free country, and people can say anything they like, but when people exhibit the signs of mental closure, it saddens and frightens me tremendously.

Nothing is to be avoided in this life than an absolute conviction that one is right. A grain of salt, a dash of self-doubt is all you need to breathe the air of life.

So I shall doubt myself today. And the wind begins to blow.

From twitter:

Hello world! I was born today. I greet you for the first time. How marvelous the things. Freedom is a greeting of the first encounter.


Tak said...

I do not know what kind of slogans you heard, and maybe I am missing your point.
But please, don't doubt you too much. Many people who gather to Mogi-sensei's blog wish to feel happy and to find consolation by reading your beautiful writing and touching your pure soul as a poet.
At least, I myself would like to start this day with self-trust, in the fresh wind of a new day.

Petrusa de Koker said...

Ah dear Ken, you may question yourself over and over. However, I do not doubt you. I know this may load a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, but I am convinced (indeed convinced) that a person who ask as many questions as yourself, will find answers. Another thing that is no doubt, is that you stimulate me and a lot of others to ask questions and seek answers too. So, if I do not spend enough time on questioning things, I have no doubt that my friend will question it or remind me to question it/myself.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Please don't care outside shouting slogans, Dr.Mogi.

We love the gentle and poetic sound of the wind...

Monica said...

Every day one can live a brand new life. Don't you agree, Ken?

Anonymous said...

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