Saturday, September 05, 2009

Whims of nature

Clouds are always up in the sky, yet we do not attend to them. From time to time, when the shapes strike us as massive, and the angle of the light is just fine, we take notice of them.

Yesterday, there was such a magnificent cloud in the sky. I looked up admiringly, unable to have enough of it.

The physical process is continuously there. With the vapor circulating, the wind blowing, it never stops. The fact that only a subset of the ever going procession draws out attention is a testimony to the whimsical nature of our perception. Because of the whim, we are led to some beauties and truths, while missing others.

Clouds are themselves like whims of nature.

A magnificent cloud seen in the sky yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post thanks. You set me thinking that the photo shows how our perception is also astonishingly powerful. Whilst this is a good picture I bet it doesn't quite match your experience at the time, that super-real feeling of seeing things in 'real life'.