Monday, August 31, 2009

Change has come to Japan

In a democracy, people have the power to oust the king, no matter how powerful he may be.

For the last 25 years, I have been voting for the opposition, except for one rare occasion when I voted for the ruling party.

The result of yesterday's general election suggests that for the first time since 1955, (except for a 10 months period in 1985), the opposition is going to form the government.

For somebody who has been feeling like a stranger minority in a more or less homogenous society, this victory of the opposition brings a very strange aftertaste. Much as I love the country, I was under the impression that the Japanese people are not so good at breaking the status quo. I was pleasantly surprised.

Because of what we did yesterday, change has come to Japan.


Utako said...

It is raining by the Typhoon No.11.
How is London?

A reporter asked Mr.Hatoyama in front of his house this morning.
" How are you feeling?"
" Not bad against the weather."
The party head answered with a smile.

I feel that the result of the national election means an awakening of a political sense of the people.
It is interesting how we grow it, and reach the conscience of the government. It seems to me that politics is always a mirror of the people.

In this election, some hopeful politicians are newly born.
Please suggest your idea on a political sense at every opportunity.

Have a nice stay in London!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Japan. I think a lot of people outside of Japan are surprised as well.
It will be very interesting to see if the DPJ can actually change something.


Anonymous said...

It seems like change is happening everywhere. I think change is good, or at least more interesting to entertain.