Monday, August 31, 2009

London photos.

I came to London for a magazine and book cover trip of the Tate and British Museum. I am staying just for two nights and then will be flying back to Tokyo. Accompanying me are Michiaki Watanabe and Shinzo Ota of Shogakukan publishing, and Shinya Shirasu.

Shinya's friend, Akio Shindate joined us. Shindate has founded a design company VO Corporation based in Kensington.

Since I have lived in U.K. for two years, and have frequently visited London ever since, landscapes in London fills me with much nostalgia and a sense of home coming when I see them.

The U.K. is like a second home for me.

Familiar signs in London Heathrow airport

The taxi stand at Heathrow airport

The Natural History Museum, taken from the speeding Taxi window.

Harrods. Ditto taken.

Hyde Park. Ditto taken.

The Piccadilly Circus. Ditto taken.

The entrance of the Soho hotel.

The Soho hotel room.

A late night drink with Shinya Shirasu, my soul mate.

A Thai dinner at the Patara restaurant in Soho with Michiaki Watanabe, Shinzo Ota, and Akio Shindate. Shinya Shirasu could not make it for the dinner as his luggage was delayed at Heathrow.


桂子 said...

Recently some people choose Japan as a country for the overseas education. However, I wonder how many of them would feel Japan as a second country. How many of them are frequently visiting here again and again after their study.

What are people attracted to? What's there in London?

I do hope our new ruling politicians will bring a new fresh breeze all over Japan and orginaly Japanese people,we, will prepare for the democracy,participation, even it takes time.

By the way, I am the one of them who always think "I came back" when I see the green view of London from the window of my flight. Although I love Japan very much.


Utako said...

Thank you for the wonderful London photos.

By connecting up the pictures in process of time, I can be a imaginary traveler.

Japanese at the restaurant in Soho look good in each expression and lighting.
What a pity Mr.Sirasu missed the dinner for his slow luggage! But he seems to be in good mood to meet you.

Anonymous said...

It is not in the context of overseas education, but after living in Hong Kong and talking a lot with local peoples, I realized that there is surprising number of peoples who are frequent visitors to Japan.

It seems to me that their qualia has become a bigger ‘sakura’ or 'yuki' fan than mine...

Some of them are so knowledgeable about many sights such as Hokkaido, Tohoku, Takayama, and so on.

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