Sunday, August 30, 2009

Born to be wild.

Although the ending of the film is rather sad, the opening scene of "Easy Rider" always thrills me when I watch it.

"Born to be wild" by Steppenwolf is such an inspiration. The scene has entered the canon of our film experience.

The procession of the drama from the impressive opening to the tragic ending might perhaps be an apotheosis of the feeling of
freedom which only exists in a brief, bursting explosion, if we seek its purest forms.

From the opening scenes of Easy Rider (1969)

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Utako said...

Do you know " いい爺いライダー" (2008,Japan),haha, Your acquaintance Mr.Sai acted as an adviser.

"Easy Rider" taught me to see the scenery in a film.
Together with "Pierrot Le Fou", the death in an explosion broke my rational appreciation of film. Instead, they forced open my sense to the back of a story.

Thanks to such films, well-made storytelling was torn up, and the framework became cofused. I like the period whose field was filled with all kinds of flowers.

Have a good sleep on the plane!