Sunday, June 12, 2011

Other people are mirrors.

Other people are mirrors. In them, you see the reflection of your own self. Sometimes the reflections are distorted, but they are still helpful in coming to terms with yourself.

Often it so happens that you express at length your deepest passion, what you value, only to be ridiculed and ignored in the end. It has not come across to the listener. Your eloquent expressions have fallen on deaf ears. At those moments, you feel as if you have been betrayed by the world, and you start secretly licking your wounds. And yet, what is actually happening then is a beautiful self-recognition. You have come to your true self by stumbling on the rocky surface of miscommunication.

At other occasions the resonance is overwhelming, sometimes almost frightening. You feel your own idea appreciated and absorbed by the other party. It starts going to and fro between you and him (her), until the energy is magnified and reach a truly phenomenal dimension. You embrace the bliss of living, and being together becomes magic.

Whether resulting in resonance or rejection, other people are always mirrors, reflecting ourselves in a yet unelucidated mathematics of transpersonal infection.


Tats! said...

what we should cherish are those who give us honest, constructive comments... a polished mirror, if i were to borrow your allegory.

It seems to me - that in today's society, everybody is so busy trying to please other people that they stop being reflective... a sad trait i would say.

but as Michel Jackson's song goes, "I'm starting in the man in the mirror" and "make that change!"

yuka-tanaka said...

I have an experience.

When my children were babies, I suddenly knew what we were among other parent and child.
How behave, ways of thinking...
Something usual for us could be unusual for others.
They showed me how we were, what we were.

Like how my voice sounds, it's impossible to listen to what other people know without recording.
Like what my face is...
it's different from what mirrors show.
That kind of things are so natural, but we don't notice that.

Yes, you told so, like mirrors,
other people show what I am.