Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Once in a lifetime you notice an entirely new universe, and see that stars are shining in a great constellation. In the naive belief that they're near, you try to reach out, only to realize the formidable distance between the sources of light and your good self.

At those moments, you feel so desperate. You feel that the distance is never to be overcome. You can only yearn for the stars, and are forever bound to the earth. You feel so miserable and tiny.

And yet, here's a thought that might make you relax. True, you may never reach the stars. True, you might not become a member of the constellation yourself. However, it remains that you have seen it. There are lives led quite happily without ever knowing the existence of the new universe that you are craving for. People living in blissful ignorance. You, who have looked up at the sky, and noticed the stars shining, are nearer to that space than before.

Even if you cannot reach the stars physically, lights have already started to shine within yourself. You may think that stars shine only in the heavenly space. But one day, you might find a little tiny luminance within your heart, independent of the constellation above, but inspired by, and enlivened through, a subtle resonance between your good self and the unreachable stars.

When this happens, you would smile like you have never smiled before. And I'd love to see that smile. Maybe I would love the smile better than the constellations.


kirai said...

I love it! Let's fly towards those constellations, let's light our hearts and make them shine like never before and let's got to create new constellations! New generations, new constellations.

yuka-tanaka said...

I like looking up stars.
I feel univers. And I always think that I am a part of it.
The erth is not twinkling itself,but it is reflected in beautiful blue.
I am actually on it!
Someone could be watching us form faraway!
My imagination is spreading to the infinite.

sonboo7 said...

Indeed, if everyone could come to the realization which leads you to smile at your own smile, we could all live just the same as all the stars shining in the universe.

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring. Whatever those shining stars are in our real life, it could be that that "smile" is the way each star started shining like they are now. And once we start smiling like you said, we may be already starting to shine like those stars, even if it is a tiny light at the beginning.