Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sixth sense

As the sheer volume of information available for an average individual increased, we really need a keen and well-tuned "sixth sense" while surfing on the web.

More often than not, when using the internet, there is no logical necessity to look up a particular website, except for cases where the purpose is specific. Out of the possible sequential combinations of web visits, one can only conduct a single track visit, killing all other possibilities.

When you think about it, it is an awesome sight. While the texts on the web are "read" by search engines and robots, the human mind is ever restricted in its capacity and spans of attention. There is a "jump" from the multitude of possibilities to the finitude of actual choices. Thus, you really need a "sixth sense" to make most of the web and enrich your life. The next website you are going to visit my change your destiny, or forever confine you in the mundane every day.

The question is, what constitute the "sixth sense" in terms of practical actions and reviewing customs?


Lost Ant said...

I feel a web environment resembles being in the uncharted forest or waters.
I have ever been completely lost there in my youth, then my intention and struggle usually didn't help. All I could do was to soothe my beat and breath and feel myself to be the weakest creature like a lost ant.
The sense picked up then led me out.
I feel maybe the six sense emerges from the best of five senses.

Have a nice stay in Singapore and enjoy tropical fruits !

yuzu said...

I'm very surprising that it is so broad world in the internet. I couldn't imagine how wide and deep world it is. I can see everything better than before which is no internet in my circumstance. It changed me so much.
Thank you very much.

Greg said...

A sense of adventure and curiosity surely helps in pursuing new paths and opportunities. Many times, hyperlinks lead to new encounters and experiences. I've discovered that tools like Delicious and Diigo offer the ability to track and record my discoveries on the Internet.

Quamibpijratata said...

Hello, I think your description of the internet is great! I like how you explain how one website could possibly push you forward or backwards into regression. Never really thought of that but it was always there! Thanks, I will continue to read!