Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cartoons unawares

We have our weekly lab meeting, where we hold the journal club and also discuss things. One of my students (he has a Ph.D now so he is technically no longer a student of mine but I always feel that he is still one), Takayasu Sekine, is very good at making drawings.

I am often caught unawares by a cartoon of my image on the white board. Yes, I am a bit overweight, but I am not THAT
overweight. He draws me as a fur seal, lying lazily on the rock. I might be lazy at times, but not THAT lazy.

Here's a recent drawing of me (apparently) that I discovered on the white board. When I realize that Takayasu has made another cartoon, I look at him glaringly, and he returns a peevish smile. Maybe one of these days I will take revenge. Takayasu looks like a platypus, some people have said.

One of the cartoons apparently depicting me found on the white board at the occasion of a recent journal club.

Takayasu Sekine with one of his drawings.


Seal puppy said...

I have seen the cartoons of a fur seal on your Japanese blog or this one.
The seal said, if I remember right,
" Sake motte koi ! "
I will stop putting it into English. He was driveling from his mouth then too. I like the seal series very much.

It is said that platypuses love crayfish.
Dear dad, we are going to get him sooner or later, aren't we?
How about a cartoon in which he is bitten by a beautiful crayfish?

pao said...


yuzu said...

I think that you are very popular for them. I also feel that you are your students mountain and they want to get over huge mountain. They are very fortunate students.

Jen said...

Is he a science student? Isn't he from an art school? The picture is exactly like you, Ken! Lol