Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cream puffs

Yesterday, when I returned from the studio of All Japan Senior High School Quiz championship, I found a box. Tomio said that it was for me. Apparently, a kind editor visited me and left it as a souvenir.

After the shooting was over, we went to an Indian restaurant near the Nippon television. Several other editors came, and we had a very joyous evening.

I tend to be careless about these things, so I did not look into the box until I went home. When I opened the paper bag, I discovered that there were two, rather than just one, boxes. Inside the box, I found several cream puffs.

Had I realized that I had almost 10 cream puffs in the bag, I would have surely shared them with my friends. Due to my negligence, I had taken them all home.

Now, I love cream puffs in general, but usually do not consume more than one cream puffs in a row. Now I found myself in a situation where I had to eat several cream puffs, in order to save the value while they are fresh.

This morning, I have eaten two cream puffs already. Probably I have to extend my jogging distance by twofold, making friends with the butterflies in the forest and sweating like summer rain.


Tsumabenicho said...

Oh, an excess of cream puff makes you a distance runner in the intense heat!
An airy steam locomotive using cream as fuel.
It's cool, but if I were you, I would skip breakfast.

Many butterflies accompany the runner capriciously.
I will fly to the park and join them.

akané said...

Hello. This is the first time I comment here. I enjoy your blog (and twitter); it helps me study english:)
Today's post made me smile. I love cream puffs too, and above all I feel you and cream puffs are a good match;) I hope you enjoy the rest of the cream puffs on this lovely Sunday.

yuzu said...

I'm always impressed with your permissible range.
I think that all of your fun is happy very much.