Saturday, June 12, 2010

Place of the highest concentration of uncertainty.

I went to the Keio University Hiyoshi campus for our "Brain Club" meeting and lecture giving.

It is always so interesting to go to a University campus. There are people with lots of uncertainties in life, who wander on the earth, with their faces full of expectations and anxieties. The sheer ambience of these immature souls are such a joy to observe.
In a society in which on graduation many people search jobs expecting a life employment, the university campus continues to be the place of the highest concentration of uncertainty. Once in the society, there are categorically less uncertainty. Which is a good thing in terms of security, but is also suffocating for the soul.

My personal wish is that the Japanese society in general would become more of a University type place of uncertainty rather than the present system built on an increasingly unsustainable security. After all, uncertainties in life cannot be avoided, and the false presumption of a fictitious security rampant in society does more harm than good to its members.


Greg said...

FYI: There is an article in the business section of the Los Angeles Time web site entitled, "Is a college degree still worth it?" that describes and provides statistics for the uncertainty of the association between employment and a college degree in the United States.

The URL for the article is:,0,1944150.story

Joe Oviedo said...

Well said. College is a place of high expectations, the sum of all "social know-how" of a proven given path to assured prosperity. But every time we cling to a path, when we say, this is it, I made it, I am safe, life teaches us again and again the way the universe really works.

renpoo said...

Why you can write such a sophisticated style English, Dr. Mogi? It's good for me as man of poor English to learn rich English. (^^;)

I was a bachelor of Liberal Arts, who had a lot of interests on History of Ideas, Cultural Studies, New Art Histories, etc. I feel big regret on current circumstances for Japanese Universities or rather its Society itself.

But now, I became a Fool (in various senses) and don't want to do anything, anymore.

Yuzu said...

Recently I hard a speech of very famous University's president. I was sorry. I thought that a dinosaur or a white elephant was talking. But I think that he is something right. He is one of negative example in this earth. He is showing that revolution research is not easy. "Look at me! Do you understand it? But I am a president of one of wonderful university in Japan. "
So I will want to try learning. I'm lucky to be a fool.
I'm sorry,Mr.Mogi. May I still follow you?