Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The ENIAC photos

While in Ann Arbor, there was one thing that I would very much like to see.


ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, and was the world's first electronic computer. ENIAC was constructed in University of Pennsylvania by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert, and was completed in 1946. It was then operational until 1955. ENIAC conducted 5000 cycles of operations per second.

Four of the original panels are now displayed in the entrance hall of Computer Science and Engineering Building at 2260 Hayward, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

Standing in front of the legendary machine filled me with awe and inspiration. To think that the evolution of modern computers started here, all the way to the wondrous machines that we so casually use today, including the one I use to type these words, infuses one with respect for the pioneers.

Here's some photos of the legendary machine. Thanks to University of Michigan for preserving and displaying this significant bit of history.

Ken Mogi (h=172 cm) is standing in front of the ENIAC as a scale bar.


sky said...


2番目の写真。 怒ったような。



James Bon said...

I heard the name of ENIAC, but this is my first time to see what it is like. According to the legend, ENIAC went down every other hour because of the necessity for replacing vacuum tubes. The room became so hot that people, working there, were sweltering. I just should say that those are nothing but rumors, but all the more, ENIAC has attracted us and our hearts go out to the people who realize this awesome and amazing machine.

Yuzu said...

This machine turns me on. This is so emotional time.
Your days are very impressed.
I enjoy imaging that how is it made by human for a long time. Please lough. I am thinking a little that can I grow like a computer in my brain from now. I just do not give up for dreaming.

nutty naughty said...

Hello Dr. Mogi

Thank you very much for your great essays.
I've enjoyed reading your words in the every morning since I found.

I felt little bit weird when I first saw the ENIAC photo on your blog because it looked like my neckless which I designed it for about a week ago. ( What a coincidence ! I swear that I really didn't know about it and never seen it before. I'm wondering sometimes miracle things happen in my world.

Anonymous said...

冨田 勲氏のシンセサイザーもこんな風だったのだろうか…