Thursday, May 06, 2010

The volcano did not hinder my flight back to Tokyo this time.

On the last day in London, we met with Dominique O'Brien, who became eight times World Memory Champion. The current Champion, Ben Pridmore was there, too. We conducted a simple EEG experiment.

In the afternoon, I met with Prof. Linda Pring at the University of London Goldsmith campus. Goldsmith is famous for being the home of the YBA (Young British Artists), including the sculptor Anthony Gormely.

The volcano did not hinder my flight back to Tokyo this time. Right now I am safely on the plane, trying to reflect on my experiences in the U.K this time.

Soon after I finish writing this, the airplane will start descending to the airport. I won't be able to use any electric devises then. I will most probably read "Darwin's Island" written by Steve Jones. I bought the copy in the Heffers bookshop in front of Trinity college.

Once back in Japan, I will have a busy work schedule as usual. I won't have the luxury of relaxing. One needs to find solace in small things under these circumstances.

In the least, I would like to have a taste of the soba noodle somewhere and sometime soon. That could be done in 10 minutes at a standing bar found in many locations in Tokyo.

See you again, U.K. See you soon, Marmite. You have been very kind to me.


(ma)gog said...

It is always unbelievably amazing to see how energetic you are!

But please take care of yourself and try to find as much solace possible in your busiest daily life.

What a lovely Marmite indeed! I have never seen the one like that before.

I have been tempted to change my handling name from "(ma)gog" to "marmite"!

Wander14 said...

The pictures which you took
in the U.K. really stimulated my QUALIA and made me feel like
going there aim to train myself

Welcome back!

Yuzu said...

I am so happy that you have not got any damage this time to back to Tokyo, Japan.
I wish that you have soba noodle many times.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Welcome back to Japan. Your flight was good. Great!

I love soba noodle too. Especially cold soba (zaru) is good on a hot day like today. Dipping in a cold sauce, and zu ru ru ru...

Early summer has come.