Saturday, May 08, 2010

Chatting with interesting people

I gave two 90 minutes lectures at Keio University Hiyoshi campus. The audience was the graduate students and general public, about 200 in all.

The first lecture was on the brain as a system, while the second lecture focused on the significance of contingency in the makeup of the self in the social context.

After the lecture, we ventured into one of the Izakayas of the Hiyoshi area with Prof. Takashi Maeno. It was fun to talk about google, satellites, and life in general.

Chatting with interesting people is one of my favorite exercises, and yesterday was a classic example.

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Yuzu said...

I respect you many way of you, specially your chatting is rapidly and powerful,I think.
I have not have that kind conversation since I was child. I want to try to talk that as soon as possible.
I'll try to practice.I will.
Thank you for teaching me good exercises.
Thank you.