Monday, March 22, 2010

Words of passion

I once heard that Mr. Ivica Osim, when he was serving as the head coach of the Japanese national football team, used to say to the players "Run, run, and run!".

Once, a player complained that his legs were aching. He could not run due to the pain. Mr. Osim then famously said: "Think of a wild rabbit. Would the rabbit ask the fox to wait, because one of his legs was aching?"

Mr. Osim's words were apparently a paraphrase of Vladimir Lenin, who once remarked that it was important to "leran, learn, and learn".

Sturm und Drang. These are words of passion. I sometimes come back to these words in my difficult times.


Yuzu said...

I have impressed with you many many times. You gave me hundred passion to bottom of heart. You are great,
marvelous and beautiful.
I think you know how to live in this world even it is very hard. Just deep breathing and go, you will get over everything. You will. Please smile.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mr. Mogi.
I like watching "Professional", and reading books you wrote.
when I read the book 「読む、書く、話す 脳活用術」, I know you have your blog in Entlish, and this is the first time to see "the qualia journal".

I like English and keep studying, watching CNN news, reading books(novels), while I'm driving and taking a bath.

"Run, run, and run!".
(Walk, walk, and walk!")
"leran, learn, and learn".

Today these words encouraged me.
Nobody won't wait, and everything will change.
Thank you.

Atsushi.K said...

Hi Dr. Mogi,

When I read your article, I felt like the idea lead my soul to a further point.

Thanks for sharing.
take care!