Saturday, March 27, 2010

Try to forget

I think one of the most important things in life is to forget.

As we live along, things accumulate, and the momentum becomes a killer rather than nurturer of new initiatives and unexpected twists. We start to tacitly assume that today is going to be something like yesterday, where, even if there is to be some sort of change, it is going to be at best incremental.

It is advisable therefore to forget that you have been living for these "x" years. You are entitled to feel as if you were born today. You are allowed to start things all over again, without necessarily tracing the thing that has been burdening you until yesterday.
Assignments and promises can be reducers in the endeavor to freshly start. Therefore a day, or even an hour without anything specific to do is a godsend, since you would have a free hand to do whatever you liked to do. Imagination is the only limit, and
the problem is that imagination is not wild enough most of the time.

Even if you pretend as if you have forgotten everything, there would be a continuation of neural dynamics, so that consistency is more or less maintained. Forgetting does not constitute a discontinuation of dynamics. It is just a small tiny mode change in the evolving process that goes on anyway.

So try to forget. Act as if you were born today, with brand new ambitions, dreams that are bold beyond reason, and a daredevil ignorance of what tomorrow brings.


Bata said...

I was born this morning, Hello! I feel now that a ray of light is shining in front of me. Probably, the same light shone yesterday and the day before yesterday, but I could not find that because I did not want to see it. Until yesterday, some kind of linear sequence had power over my mind. That dominant paradigm trained me not to walk away from the continuous these "x" years. From Ken Mogi's blog, now I begin to feel little by little another light that shine another way. That makes me feel better for new born today. Thank you for your imaginative vision.

Anonymous said...

Indeed a great essay .. ! I was born this morning too, Hello to you all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you.To forget is important to keep us healthy. When we are awake every morning, a new day starts.We are new born babies!No regret and just go ahead.

Takuro said...

Dear Dr.Mogi-sensei,

I was thrown away by two lovely girls I met this past year. Tracing the memory with them, I could not sleep well these days.

I think I can have a good sleep this night by trying to forget them. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have totally agreed with this essay. Someone's comment was also nice:

"To forget is important to keep us healthy. When we are awake every morning, a new day starts. We are new born babies! No regret and just go ahead."

Then, how should I do think of this, if I say good morning to you as a new born baby when I am awake every morning? Parhaps maybe "You" implys a lover who has already gone.

No regret and just go ahead .. yes, a new day starts.

I know this condition of a heart is very strange but maybe I cannot forget you in this situation.

“As we reach toward our hopes, our task is to build on what has gone before, not turning away from the old, but turning toward the new.”

I heard that the above statement was the R. Nixon's first inaugural address on January 20, 1969.

Regarding the issue of heart-brain, is there any difference between men and women ..? I feel something gap between genders.