Friday, March 26, 2010

Strike out

As a kid I was fond of playing baseball. I was not a particularly good hitter. When I was cornered into two strikes, the bad image of a strike out would pop into my mind. I try to compose myself, but the negative feeling would persist.

There's the pitch, and the ball comes towards me as if in a slow motion. I swing my bat, and sure enough, I miss the ball. Often by wide margins.

To this day, the experience of anticipating a strike out and the actually see it happening remains a persistent item in my collection of feelings. I should say that I rather enjoy the going down. Even if you strike out, there would be always another at bat.


Anonymous said...

Those little tricks by the big G continue to shake me to this day. I am not one of those people who have relatively high confidence in their own turn of luck. I have more traumas than I do success stories, but continue to give my best in hope for things to start turning around both externally and internally so as to be able to leave something meaningful and positive for my children, which I consider to be most important in my life.

stray sheep said...

I will see Waratteiitomo next Monday.tanoshimidesu.