Friday, March 19, 2010

Asking oneself what one really wanted to do with one's life in the first place.

March is the graduation time in Japan. Many school hold the graduation ceremony, where students receive the certificates and sing special songs.

The fact that March signifies the end of something, while the anticipations arise for things to come, has taken a deep root in the Japanese psyche.

Spring is in the air. The cherry blossoms are not in bloom yet, but the expectancies are ripening. The combination of these emotional elements have would lead to a poignant mood which can only be experienced at this time of the year.

For this writer, this particular March signifies the end of many things, as well as the prospects for others. It is a time of transition. In such a period of change, one reviews what has been essential in one's life, checking this fact and re-evaluating that, asking oneself what one really wanted to do with one's life in the first place.

In winter many things in nature perish, and thrive again with the advent of spring. I wonder if life is not like that. From the ashes, green leaves shoot up, bearing flowers unknown and exotic in the prime of summer.


kirainet said...

"Asking oneself what one really wanted to do with one's life in the first place." First place? When was "first place"? when did it struck you "I WANT TO DO THIS IN WITH MY LIFE"? It depends on the person, some people are still figuring out when they are 60 or 70. In my case I NEW what I liked since I was 10.

What I ask myself more often than "what I really wanted to do with my life in first place" is: have I been right about what I wanted to do in life, and what have I achieved until now? could I do better? would I be happier doing something totally different, in a different place, with different people? would my life be better, or just "different"? would I be able to make the world a better place at a faster rate doing something different to what I'm dedicating my life right now? Those are questions that bug me, because we only have one life, it makes me uneasy thinking that I could do better doing something else, that is why I usually try to do many different things, try many different hobbies and see what do I have passion for.

Yuzu said...

I met a beautiful teacher when I was a high school student. She said "Try your first inspiration. It is the best answer of your action".I think of that,but It is not easy to do always.
A few years ago I met a person who is very wonderful of taking care of people and make events
and managing. He said "Successful is from only benevolence".
I would love to try good deeds in front of my life.
Spring, Spring... I would love to meet something my new life. Come to me my first inspiration".
I am praying.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Yes, nobody can remain in the same place. I think it is the law of the universe and the spirit of the short poems of Japan.

Speaking of the law, I have read recently the book on common law (British and American law) by necessity. The author is Professor Hideo Tanaka. We know you learned the theory at the university seminar of Prof.Tanaka. I envy you. It's very fun. Common law has a lot of generous-hearted ideas, doesn't it?

I'd like to learn more the spirit of common law as well as the spirit of the short poems. I think so now at this changing season.

Anonymous said...

Humm...wonderful. For me spring is always a time of moving forward, closure, self evaluation, and making plans for the year. This time is bittersweet because I am pulling in my great aspirations, and at the same time pushing away the things that I once loved but are no longer aligned to what I want or who I am.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!