Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As I witnessed the black insects walk about among the microcosmos of Persian speedwells

A human brain likes surprises, and mine is no exception. Every year, in spring, I used to be surprised as a kid to see the first signs of spring. The blue flowers of Persian speedwell (Veronica persica Poiret) would often be the very first manifestations of the beautiful in life to be brought to my attention in early spring.

The other day, walking along Tokyo streets, I suddenly remembered how I used to be joyous when I witnessed these lovely blue flowers. It was always perceived as quite unexpected. One year would have passed since last spring, and you simply have forgotten that there were such things as the Persian speedwells. So it always came as a pleasant shock to observe the tiny flower petals again.

The absence of these spring ephemerals from my consciousness signaled a change in the way I go about in my life. I used to walk along the bare earth quite a lot, stooping to the sides from time to time. It was an every day ritual to wander around and observe the changes in nature. Nowadays, I just speed through the pavements and stairs without even stopping to look around, a poor soul ever trapped in the list of things to do.

Due to the negligences, the elegant blue of the Persian speedwells has disappeared from my life. Yesterday I wanted to rectify that.

On the way to NHK, I sidestepped into the Yoyogi park. I was in search of my past. Persian speedwells were something quite common in my childhood. The only question was whether I could time travel.

The blessing came in an instant. There they were, just under the trees, those tiny blue flowers of the Persian speedwells. They must have been there all these years, without me noticing them.

I sat down, took out my amazon kindle, and then thought better of it. It was not time to delve into the universe of tiny letters, which I could do at any time anyway. It was time to observe the environment, with all its grandeur and nuances.

The ants were there. Those small, hard-working creatures. As I witnessed the black insects walk about among the microcosmos of Persian speedwells, something in me melted away to reveal a long-forgotten core of the unchanging.

The Persian speedwell flower found on the Yoyogi park slope yesterday.


Takuro said...

"Earth brings us to life
and nourishes us.
Earth takes us back again.
We are born and we die with every breath."

from Thich Nhat Hanh (2006:83)

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Mogi.
I love these blue flowers.I remember my childhood.I picked and gathered.
I feel splring this picture.Thank you.Mr.MOgi.I am happy.

Junko said...

In the park,I found shinagadori or grebe under a bench. At first it looked like a big plastic bag though. The bird sometimes quacked with a funny voice.Willows were already sprouting here and there.
Magnolias,jinchouge or daphnes as would be one of the treasures which evocative my mind.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Seeing the universe
In the small flowers and insects

Still haiku poetic essay...

Yuzu said...

I refrain to read your books. It is pleasure to swim in your words and touch my feeling or memories.

I also have memories with Persian speedwell. It touch me so softly and sweet. But I don't have any special real memories. It just luscious feeling. Thank you for reminding me that kind of feeling.

I ordinary have to run for my small small aim. Your existence is so powerful. My box head can't run by my self. I thank you soooooooo much.