Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reading fever

It seems that something in me has sparked recently. I simply cannot stop reading.

I get on the subway just because I can read in the car. I read Spinoza, Wittgenstein, Schopenhauer, Wagner, Dazai, Natsume, Terada, Penrose, etc. and can never get enough of it.

I remember my past reading spells quite well. When I was 9, scientific fiction novels suddenly captured my imagination. I read all the juvenile novels available in the library. In the senior high school, I learned to read English novels starting from Lucy Maud Montgomery to Jane Austin and Emily Bronte.

I don't know what brought the current reading spree. I could keep reading all day, if it were not for the writings and meetings and lectures and television shootings that necessitate me.

I think there is something in my brain that has now gone over the threshold, and that "something" is telling me to keep reading, infusing me with a never satiable urge.

The reading fever is quite interesting in that it perhaps symbolizes a period of inner transformation, when one is carried by the tides of the unconscious dynamics to hitherto unknown territories of intellects and feelings.

This passion is interesting. I highly recommend people to be infected from time to time.


Anonymous said...

I definitely go on reading binges. But because I have to do other things during the day I switched over to audio books as solution. So now I listen to audio books while doing my work and it is great. Although a recent article reported that multitasking reduces one's ability to switch tasks effectively...but who is counting :)

tenmo said...

I'm afraid that my reading skills is diminishing these days.

I don't know what happened to me. But I suspect that my recent habit to read books quickly made me change.

Now I'm trying to read books carefully and intently as like as I did in my childhood.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Ms Anonymous said...

"I definitely go on reading binges."

so cute ..

It seems to me that this is quite different style of writing than Dr. Mogi's of that time although both of peoples might definitely be robust multitasking.

audio books as solution !

i can do only one thing at the same time.
when i love someone, for example, i am thinking of him during the day, and then just a darkness becomimg ..

too stupid.

Anonymous said...

My own fascinating story to tell.
In a book.
And for the reader to tell others how surprisingly captivating the book turned out to be.
The book of my own story.
Oh how I wish.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I love reading, but I do not feel to read books enough
completely. I feel crying in my heart. I can say that I do not read anything yet. I feel a hole in my heart.

mooin0sun said...

Now I'm reading "Traveler" written
by Hideki Yukawa.
I have read this essay sometimes.
This mental view is beatiful and quietly.
And also I love the famous essay by Torahiko Terada.