Tuesday, November 10, 2009


On the way to Paris, I was chatting with a flight attendant gentleman. When he learned that I was going on to Berlin, he remarked "why, are you not going to Paris?"

"Yes, it is a shame, isn't it?" I replied.

I know. Paris is such a romantic city. When you go to Paris, something in you is stirred. There is a new breath in life. And you remember things long forgotten.

On the way back from Berlin, I passed Charles de Gaulle airport again. I saw the "Trains to Paris" sign. Then something in me moved quite strongly.

This time I did not make it. But someday I will.


U.S said...

Hi, Ken chan.
Did you arrive at Narita ?
I'm very very worried about you.
I'll stand by you.

Junko said...

Are you OK?
I hope you every thing all right.
I am sure you can get over the situation. Relax!

Claire said...

I saw the news just now.
I want to let you know I support you too!

光嶋 夏輝 said...

Good evening.☆⋆❋
I wanna do that way too!
Maybe in Japan, I can do.

Have a wonderful Tursday!!

yuzu said...
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yuzu said...

Good morning,Mr.Mogi.
I wish you have a good time.
Anyway, I love Paris,too.