Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Obama speech

On Satuday, I went to the Suntory hall in Akasaka, Tokyo to attend President Barack Obama's speech. Mr. Obama was on his two day visit to Japan, as he involved himself in the first part of the Asia visit.
I arrived at the venue at past nine. Katsuhiko Hibino, my artist friend was in the queue. Once seated, I discovered Takeshi Kitano was in the seat front of me.

First there was music. A string quartet played Mozart. Then there was silence. While the audience in the arena waited in great anticipations, the man himself came onto the stage.

That magical moment of transformation. People standing up. Applauding enthusiastically. History being developed and made in your own eyes.

Charisma is an art depending on synthesis and balance. That a nation as large as the United Stages needs a leadership in the form of a human being in the flesh is an interesting fact of the world we live in. Although a human being is not without shortcomings, he or she is irreplaceable by any advanced technologies. We are, each one of us, the dynamo which drive history. Literally. How humble and awesome one feels.

Mr. Obama was as charming as I have always imagined him to be. Slim and warm, with enthusiasm like a teenager, and a soundness of judgment apparent from his demeanours.

The talk was over before I knew it. After s deep sigh, I walked out into a Tokyo which looked different from what I have known.

Something has landed.

(This entry is published in advance of the 15th November date, for which it is designated, in view of the value of rapid reporting on current affairs and for the reason I would be on Sunday in a region where an internet connection might be difficult).


moomin0sun said...

Thank you for your honesty.
Thank you very much.
Please enjoy the fresh air of your mind. Of course I enjoy my qualia every day.

光嶋 夏輝 said...
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(ma)gog said...

I am a great fan of Michelle Obama, too. What a remarkable lady she is! I heard that it was President Obama who first fancied her and I have been so impressed that his choice was just perfect.
Without her, things could have been different. Barack and Michelle Obama are certainly meant to be for each other. It is a destiny.

銀鏡反応 said...




望月 said...


I am junior high scool student.
I read books written by you.

Thank you.

yuzu said...

I found the picture of Obama speech in "you tube".
And I thought that found where you are.
How beautiful his smile, I am also impressed.
I think that want to start from this smile and keep passion. Something start for the people and world from Asia.

光嶋 夏輝 said...
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光嶋 夏輝 said...

I'm sorry for my 1st post.
And 2nd,I mistook a spelling!!
So I deleted own.
I'm glad he had eaten a powdered green tea icecream.

-Yes, only this sentence!
3rd. Is it right?

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.