Saturday, November 14, 2009


President Barack Obama is now visiting Japan. According to a news report, he expressed his wish to taste "Kobe beef" during his stay.

It is true that Kobe beef is a delicacy. The Japanese take great care in the preparation of food. I hope President Obama will have an opportunity to make his wishes come true here.

I once visited a steakhouse in Orlando, Florida. The name was "Kobe".
The chef held a knife and fork, and prepared the food in a very entertaining manner. During the procession, he actually made a "Mount Fuji" with sliced onions. Then he put some alcohol into the volcanic "crater" and set fire.


A great fire momentarily came out.

"Mount Fuji has erupted!" The chef shouted.

To the best of my knowledge, no steakhouse in Japan makes an onion Mount Fuji and make it erupt. I enjoyed the whole experience, though. Exotic!

I hope U.S. and Japan would be on good terms in years to come.


Anonymous said...

Great essay, very nice, interesting, I enjoyed myself so much.

I wouldn't mind watching ...


haha ..
Thank you.

yuzu said...
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yuzu said...

I'm impressed this essay so much.
It remained me they ordinary are very good at how enjoy their life well. They know the life is in humans energy which is different way from us . It is exotic.
I'll try to make the Mt.Fuji by onion slices and erupt by alcohol.Well,I should find yum-yum Kobe beef first.^^