Thursday, November 26, 2009


On the Shinkansen train back from Kyoto, I was returning to my seat after going to the deck. Passing by, I saw a traveler with his girlfriend, apparently an American.

The sight of him made me jealous. Not because of his beautiful girl friend. The reason lay in what he was doing.

He was reading something with his Amazon Kindle. I couldn't tell what he was reading, as I did not stop to confirm or anything. He was apparently enjoying himself, relaxed like a slug and smiling in the spring sunshine.

I had an Amazon Kindle in my backpack, too. It carried loads of things for me to read. Oh, the heavenly bliss for an absorbed bookworm! But the pleasure was not to be mine.

I had to finish manuscripts, papers, send e-mails. It was my destiny to work like a dog, even after I going through a strenuous work schedule in the ancient capital, devoid of a leisure time to enjoy the legendary autumn leaves of the Kyoto mountain. Once in Tokyo, another assignment was waiting for me.

How I wanted to dive into the vast ocean of alphabets on the digital ink, travel through time, and meet deceased people. I desired to hear distant voices, and watch strange forms. The wish was so strong. But alas, it was not to be. Not like this lucky guy!

These thoughts went through my central nervous system only for a very brief time.

With a sigh traveling at a speed of 300 kilometers per hour, I returned to my seat, and duly started typing, like a ferocious fox in the field.


Anonymous said...

You are the light in my heart. Thinking you are working very hard somewhere even at this moment encourages me and makes me work and study like a desperate student before an exam. Thank you so much for your hard work!

Petrusa de Koker said...

I fully agree with Anonymous above "thank you so much for your hard work". As it is, I have been wondering lately about the shackles of success. When one is young, you work hard, chasing an elusive goal. Having successfully completed one project, it spurs one on to commence the next (a bit more challenging or course). I also embark on several projects at the same time, just to find myself very much tied to a strict schedule. This is all very great and everything, but it makes me wonder whether I have not missed out on life. Like the young man enjoying a book, shouldn't I be enjoying a book as well? However, before I know it, I am drawn to the challenges around me (very much like a moth to a flame).
OK, I am pencilling in some "enjoy book" time in my diary right now.
(After all this, please keep on writing in your English Blog.)

Anonymous said...

In the midst of one's lonesome efforts to define and characterize all of the tasks which urgently need to be managed and completed in our time to hopefully ensure that everything was, in fact, worthwhile after all, some questions evidently come to mind - How can one trust the true existence of "jealousy" when it is so naively expressed through a blog journal? How can one be so certain that it is nothing but a roundabout way of expressing one's own self-satisfaction? Or, should one reach the inevitable conclusion that it is rather the critic with such accusations who is the most jealous of us all? Having said that, I find Jealousy Management to be a very profound concept and an important one indeed.

yuzu said...

If you show this kind of feeling at everywhere,you can find many girl friends easily. But it is also makes many girls feeling down.
Anyway, please don't think I am like a dog.
Your work is ....... Please sit down at your room's chair and look at front of you. This work is ........ You told it us.
Mr.Mogi, you are ......

Did you see tonight's moon? It is beautiful.
It is the same as your shining.
Tomorrow morning, you will see sun rise which is also like you. Please shine forever.

Ken Mogi said...

Dear, Petrusa.

I am also a moth lure by the flame of hard work.
Stupid me.
I will take at least 10 minutes of break every day!