Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fighting with the floor

I have several masters whom I respect very much. The writer Makoto Shiina is one of them.

Makoto Shiina is known for his poignant novels based on his own experience, as well as humorous essays in the outdoors.
He is well-built, and yet smart, and keeps a good figure.

When I asked him how he kept fit, he said it was simple. "You fight with the floor once a day". "How do you mean?" I asked.

"You do 200 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and 200 squats every day. You don't use a machine. You just fight with the floor. That's all."

"When do you do that?"

"Before I go to sleep."

Makoto Shiina is known for his love for beers.

"Even when you are drunk?" I asked.

"Yes, even when I am drunk. It is like brushing your teeth, you see. If you don't do it, you don't feel good".

So the master told me how he kept fit.

For some reasons, I love running outside, but I have never really accustomed myself to fighting with the floor. I try from time to time, but I can never continue the exercise. Thus, it is difficult to be true to the master.

One of these days I would try to be true to the master. But then 200 times each is a tall order. Maybe I should start from 30 times each.

Life is so hard.

With the writer Makoto Siina in a recent meeting.


Petrusa de Koker said...

Life is hard indeed. Makoto Siina is amazing (one can see that on the photo as well). 200 push-ups! I can't even do one properly. But then I have always consoled myself that push-ups are a man-thing. :D

Anonymous said...

"Fight the floor" ... What an immensely appropriate phrase for our nation struggling economically, psychologically and everything else. We need words like these to inspire and motivate our entire population, the younger generation in particular, similar to what "Yes we can" has done to capture the hearts of the same otherwise indifferent "whatever" generation in the US.

yuzu said...

I follow you since when I meet you first time.
I read your books and diary.
I can't follow you enough. I can't follow most of things. May I still follow you?
Can I just follow you naturally?
Well, next challenging is trying the Fighting with the floor?
Life is so hard, isn't?

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

200 times!? Incredible! After reading today's entry, I tried to do push-ups. But, I gave up tenthly.

Definitely, how heavy The Earth is!
And, yes, life is...

aMuse said...

Life is so hard..and amazing! ^-^
(except 200 push-ups..but 10..)
Some of the easy Yoga poses with
abdominal breathing are effective
exercises.It's no necessary to practise every day.
"Fighting with the floor "is still
lovely.I'd like to do 10 push-ups!

กื้อ said...

Many people tell me he or she it-up 100,150,200

i think it so much but went i try if i try this position it easy if i try ones in other position it so hard.

but 200 i think it so hard, i sit-ups only 20, squats 20 and push-ups 12 it sound 10% of Makoto :)

yuzu said...

I can't try Fighting with the floor everyday, but I am trying to dance everyday like kids.
I wish you smile.