Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amazon Kindle

A few days ago, my Amazon Kindle arrived. I have been purchasing several books on the online store since.

My friends know well that I am a gadget man. The possession of the e-book reader has added much sparkle and joy to my train rides in the capital of Tokyo.

It has also solved a practical problem. As I am a VERY disorganized man, in the course of reading a book, I am likely to leave the copy somewhere. Then I forget where I have left it. When I have the urge to read on, it is often the case that I have to do an extensive office searching before I can satisfy my bookworm urge. This delay is sometimes fatal, as the urge can become stagnant and dissolves as times fly.

With the Amazon Kindle, I can read several books in parallel, and never lose track of them. Theoretically speaking, of course, there is the chance that you misplace Amazon Kindle in the office, and you are obliged to organize a one man search party again. However, the enigma is that I am very good at holding to a digital devise. I almost never lose track of them. It's my digital instinct, perhaps.

Thus, the first few days of my partnership with Amazon Kindle has been just lovely. I have a very long list of books that I would like to read on this devise. My train rides and toilet times would continue to be enriched by it for many days to come.


Takuro said...

Oh, Amazon Kindle...
I really envy you!! Mogi-sensei.
I am a student who has no jobs, so Amazon Kindle is the gadget that I cannot afford.
For me, it is an inaccesible mountain flower, just as beautiful girls are inaccessible to me...

Takuro said...

Sorry to post again.
My dearest gadget is iPod classic (60G).
The audiobook '茂木健一郎 「脳と人間」' is in it.

nutty naughty said...

I didn't know about Kindle! It seems so smart.

Stray sheep said...

I don't curse that my mother tongue is not English.
If I had have to do a work in English,I would have been born in England or America.
But Why was I born in Japan?
It may be ,,,

yuzu said...

How lovely it is.
I will get one Amazon Kindle.
I imagine my life with it,
Wow,I am very excited.
Thank you so much.
I wish you enjoy and love Amazon Kindle

Petrusa de Koker said...

I must admit that you made me smile with this blog entry. It sounds more like you are the original gadget man. :D
Maybe that's why I like to read your blog, since I am not at all a gadget person. I do have an iPod Nano (I won it in a competition), but it is in a cupboard at home and I have not even taken it out since the beginning of this year. I love going places where there is no cell phone coverage (yes, in Southern Africa there are still a few places) and my camera is not the very latest model. I love the smell of books and the slight sounds of turning a page. I don't mind how old or new, big or small this laptop is, as long as I can read your blog entries and correspond with my dear friends. To be honest, I still think a pop-up toaster is a great gadget. :D
If it wasn't for you, I would never even have tried to find out more about the Kindle.

Anonymous said...

May I ask a question to Mr Petrusa de Koker ?

What is the meaning of the mark, :D, you used? I remember I sometimes see it in posts from the others as well.

Thank you.