Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The moon girl.

I admit I used to be very clumsy in my youth. During my senior high school days, I found it difficult to talk to girls naturally. I attended a co-ed school, so there were many opportunities, real and imagined, to get friendly with my female counterparts. But these occasions almost never materialized. I was enshrined in an imaginary kingdom of books and music, and just looked straight on to the unforeseen and uncertain future.

It is not that I was not attracted to the feminine. In those days, I used to draw pictures of girls stretching one arm towards the moon in the sky. In my imagination, the moon was silvery, and glistening very brightly in the darkness of night sky. The girl had a long hair, and was always looking towards the moon, with her eyes gazing at the shining satellite of the earth. I felt a great sympathy towards this girl of strange behaviors. There was no real person who served as the model. I do not know what the moon girl symbolized.

A lot of waters have flown under the bridge, and my clumsiness melted away, opening my way for the admittance into the human race. Yet I still remember the moon girl very vividly. There is still some energy surrounding her, so apparently a part of me is still in the moonshine. To commemorate the still unnamed existence of my youth, here I make a rough reproduction of my celestial soul mate of bygone days.

The moon girl. Reproduced by the author.


(ma)gog said...

Dear Mr.Mogi,
I have always had the feeling everytime I read what you write, that there is a mixture of straightforwadness, eagerness, cleanliness, and shyness in you. It has puzzled me though, why this impression of shyness touches me when I think of the person who appears almost everyday in public eyes these days and who is one of the opinion leaders in Japan now.
"The moon girl." has given me the clue for this. It is actually quite schocking because I have been reminded of the same quality which underlies within myself...

p.s. Your drawing also reminds me of the girl in "Stern Taler".

masami said...
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masami said...

Dear Ken
The moon girl reminds me of the saying.
When the wise man points the moon, most of the people see his finger not the moon. And they argue about the finger. Only few people can see the moon.
I feel that you will be able to see the glistening moon with your celestial soul mate.
Yours Masami

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