Friday, June 12, 2009

Advent of Gabriel

I have not figured out how and why yet, but I do observe that creative people sometimes have very strong visions, bordering on the hallucinatory, which would, taken literally, raise the eyebrows of a rationalist.

I met with one of Japan's leading photographers, Shimpei Asai, the other day. One of Shimpei's famous works was when he photographed the Beatles Japan Tour in 1966. He captured the Fabulous Four in many interesting poses while they relaxed in Tokyo hotel rooms, etc.

Shimpei is a man of common sense and a sharp sense of aesthetics. I enjoyed the conversation hugely, appreciating his deep understanding of the human condition. Then, in the middle of our conversation, he mentioned matter-of-factly that he had a guardian angel named Gabriel.

"Gabriel would come while, for example, I am having a meeting with a group of editors. When I notice that Gabriel has entered the room, I would smile to Him. I smile very secretly, so that the people around me don't notice it".

The advent of Gabriel was so sudden that it took me by surprise. But then, the conversation was practical and quite logical otherwise. Gabriel was the only hint of "insanity" (in the conventional sense) that came along during our two hours long discourse. Shimpei was very considerate of people's feelings, exhibited a broad knowledge, and above all very intelligent. Gabriel was like a gush of wind that suddenly came and then went away, leaving an enchanting fragrance.

I wonder if there isn't always a Gabriel in creative people's mind life.


TSHFKYM said...

Great entry as always. I know how to slow down time; if that is what you are refering to, as an "insanity" in us creative people.
But I rather think of it as an extension of my logical thinking. My conclusion was that "time" is of nature but mostly is a concept of the mind. Therefore, one can choose how to be in time, and can feel it pass slower than it naturally does. It makes sense to me, but sounds insane to most. lol

Junko said...

It is very interesting.
I have no chance to meet Gabriel
so far.
Shimpei is a mysterious person
in my mind.

I am looking forward to the talk show that will be held on next month.

I wish you to enjoy tour trip!

Anonymous said...

From my observation, a person's state of mind or way of thinking creates what is "real" (meaning what is possible and impossible) for that person... Because creative people think differently from the norm, maybe this causes them to see possibilities where we see impossibilities. Who knows how all that would imply that people's thoughts influence our environment...

Anonymous said...

I believe in "insanity" dwelled in a distinguished artist - in a true sense of artist.