Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hiding (II).

The middle-aged man I met along the mountain brook said that we walk together. I said fine. So both of us set out to look for Panchala ganesa loomisi.

Within my bosom, my secret wish was to just glance at this lovely butterfly in flight. The ephemeral bluish color on the wing should present a fascinating flickering light when the butterfly is airborne, I imagined. It was almost like an anguished longing.

However, no matter how hard we looked, Panchala ganesa loomisi did not come into view. There were some other butterfly species which looked similar to Panchala ganesa loomisi. Narathura japonica, for example. Every time a likely candidate came into the view, I jumped and run. Every time it turned out to be yet another false alarm.

Time passed, and the sunlight started to weaken. Evidently, I had to start heading home in a few minutes. At that time, I was wandering in the forest on my own. I had been walking with the middle-aged man, but had parted at some time earlier. This was not an unusual action for a butterfly chaser. After all, nature is vast, and it is always a good idea to cover different habitats, in an effort to conduct a joint "filtering" operation.

Suddenly, I heard the man yell out for me. "Ooi", I could hear his voice. "Ooi, where are you?" I could tell that he was quite near. Maybe he wanted to make sure that I was O.K. Maybe he was thinking that he would kindly take me to the station. After all, I was only 12 years old. However, due to the thick foliage, I could not see him. And vice versa.

Out of the blue, I wanted to hide. I felt that I did not want to join that man anymore. I did not know what happened to me. I just wanted to hide, in the tranquility of the forest.

(This story is to be continued tomorrow)


Okera kera said...

The story began to assume a new aspect.
A new twist in a familiar story of adventure.

The boy's sudden impulse puts me to silence as if he has been spirited away. It seems to me that he is on some rite of passage in the forest. I wonder what that is.

I'll stop jumping a conclusion.
Please go on!

JUNKO said...

I assume that a human nature doesn't change.
The story retains a boy's breathing.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Fine literary taste, and a little mysterious. Yes, just like the butterfly's bluish beauty.

yuzu said...

Is this your true story? I have never read you hided from something.
But I feel easy.

May I write a little bit of me? Please forgive me.
Lately I could not find me clearly. It was dull feeling and very hard. I tried to remind my memories which I was kid. Then I still can think of my dream like when I am kid. I recognize that I can alive.

I'm very glad that you write about butterflies sometime.

Anonymous said...

I randomly found your blog, and I am very glad I did. It is such a rarity to find something so sincere and beautifully written by a gentle hand. Et bona vero ista qualia sunt!
Thanks for sharing, Vale