Sunday, August 08, 2010

First love

I think my first love "happened" to me when I went to my mother's hometown in Kyushu at the age of 5.

One of my mother's sisters was married to a farmer with a whole mountain behind the house. They held a bon-odori (summer dancing) event in the spacious garden.

There was a girl in yukata dress. She was my first love. There was something definitely elegant and beautiful about her whole demeanor. I did not know what her name was, nor where she came from. Her impression remains vivid to this day.


honeybee said...

what a romantic story!

Triangle said...

I think the girl in yukata dress was sure to be interested in you.
If you had not been shy, you could have danced freely, and drawn her into the circle.

When I was five, I had two friends, Hiroshi-kun and Mah-chan. We were next-door neighbors and the same age.
probably, I prefered the former, so I often fought with the latter. One day we had a sumo. When I threw Mah-chan with an overarm throwing, he cut his mouth and bled.
" Make allowances for my boy! ", his mother said.
I was so ashamed of my rudeness to him, and then kept him at a soft distance.

Takuro said...

What a brief and romantic episode!

I imagine that it might happen that you were the first love for her.

Am I imagining too much?

Wander14 said...

Who could expect like this story
would pop out from you!

I was happy to witness a moment that you jumped into a bland-new category.


SFMPE said...

Well ,to hear your story,I think a memory has a lot of qualia.

And I wonder what is the most simple qualia?