Monday, August 02, 2010

East of Eden.

On the plane back to Tokyo (JL001), I watched the film "East of Eden". I think I had seen this masterpiece directed by Elia Kazan a few times, in the days of my naive and callow twenties. The memory of the famous theme music, which is very easy to capture and remember, did not need any refreshing. On the other hand, I realized that I had forgotten most of the details of the film synopsis. The lettuce and beans, for example.

As I watched on, I was emotionally gripped. The story of rivalry between the twin brothers Cal (played superbly by James Dean) and Aron invoked a strange wave of resonance in my heart. The undertone of a possible romantic triangular relations between the twin brothers and Abra (played impressively by Julie Harris) added an atmosphere of tension.

The final scene of reconciliation between the father and son was moving because of the subtle chemistry portrayed. The presence of the ever annoying nurse added a strangely effective spice to the whole thing, which might have been otherwise too sweet. The chasm of misunderstandings and miscommunications finally melted like a snowflake touched by the warmth of the human skin.
Before I knew it, tears welled in my eyes. In order to hide my face from the flight attendants, I raised my right arm to the level of my ear, pretending I was stretching my body after a long flight.

East of Eden.


Ivy of Dean said...

East of Eden!
I also forgot most of the details of the story, except James Dean's eyes winded around my seedling.
After I first saw the film, I would try to look at myself with an up glance so as to lift a weight of mind.
I will watch the film again.
Thanks for the chance.

yuzu said...

I've not watched this movie yet.
But I listened to some music of East of Eden in YouTube. It touched my heart.

I have read your book "Reason of tear"
I always like it "Reason of tear".

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