Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Being in a hot air.

So I am back in Tokyo, back into the heat and humidity. When at home, I do not use the air conditioner, as I don't like the artificial atmosphere. The occasional breeze from the window is just fine for me.

Consequently, when I go out, I enjoy the cool air on the train, in the buildings. A tremendous motivation for me to go out!
The reason why I am resistant to heat can probably be sought back to the days when I was chasing butterflies in the field as a child. Butterflies love fine weather, and they roam around when it is hot. I associate good old memories with the state of being in a hot air.

Having said that, today's heat in Tokyo is probably a little bit too much even for me. Good thing that I will be going out soon.


sheep1967 said...

I guess I want to keep my body in the natural enviroment however unomfortable.I'm afraid that I may get used to need anything unnecessary.Maybe this is basically a matter of course we can keep our sprits more calmly.

yuzu said...

Where are you going next?
Anyway you will be right!

Seal puppy said...

I suspect that you have flexible body fat decreasing during summer (well...increasing toward winter...)

Anyway, it is certain that my room is so air-conditioned that I feel like being at home all day long. As soon as I leave my room, a wide range of temperature and humidity directly hits me.

olimay said...

I also don't like air conditioning all the time either, but like you I do enjoy it when I visit stores, offices, the train, or the library. When I drive around my family on hot days, it's important to have air conditioning on so they can ride in comfort. But once it's just me in the car, I roll down the windows and enjoy the natural, moving air as I drive.