Monday, April 19, 2010

Mad in Munich

I am still stuck in Munich due to the distant echo of the vigorous activities of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull. Last evening, in an effort to indulge myself a bit and boost up the morale, I went to a Japanese restaurant in front of the Hofbrauhaus. I had a Sushi plate to the accompaniment of miso soup, occasionally sipping sake. Eating my favorite delicacies did not make me homesick or anything, but surely improved the overall mood.

This morning, I am still struggling to find a way home. The Vienna airport has opened. The Germany transport minister is apparently taking a conservative stance about it, and is being criticized by airliners such as Lufthansa. For a few hours I considered the possibility of moving to Vienna by train, but later found that it was not plausible due to several circumstances including difficulty of reservation, predicted ash shift, and the state of ongoing cancellations for the long haul flights.

Thus, the best hope apart from the opening of the Munich airport seems to be the flight from Rome. I could secure an Alitalia flight to Tokyo leaving on the 22nd. I have a train ticket to Rome on the 20th, and intend to try to change the date to the 21st at the Hauptbahnhof today, thus preserving the option of trying to fly out of Munich for one additional day.

Meanwhile, staying in this state of forced procrastination seems to be directing my psyche in an increasingly eccentric direction. I have been suspecting that it is in me for some time, but now I am quite sure.

My madness seems to be as certain as the blue sky over Munich.

Here's the snapshot of me standing next to my all time favorite mad hero, King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Notice the resonance?

My much respected fellow of the lunar clan. King Ludwig II of Bavaria.


(ma)gog said...

That's great! I respect your madness and sence of humor under these circumstances!!

Yuzu said...

All of your photos are nice!!!!

This photo is also cool!!!!!
What do you do next,Mr. Hero, Mr.Brain ?

Gypsy_tanabecci said...

I feel so sorry about this situation and I hope you reach home safetly. If you still have a time in München, I recommend you to visit at Starnbergsee.
Here is the place which King Ludwig II died in the lake, but the scenery is extraordinarily beauty !
Gute Reise !!

Petrusa de Koker said...

I hope you are still enjoying your forced stay in München. I like your picture with mad King Ludwig. Hmmm, there is definitely something there (even without you wearing such white pants and high boots).
In 2007 I "got stuck" in Zagreb for a day and a half during a business trip. There was this public holiday, so I could not meet with the client and my flight back home was only leaving the next morning early. I took my camera and went exploring. What an adventure! Nobody could understand my home language and very few people could speak English. So when I asked my way around, I had to point in the little guide book that I purchased at the hotel. However, people were very helpful, gracious and friendly. A small group of nuns (only one of them could speak a few words of English) invited me to travel with them to one of my destinations and they even gave me a bus ticket. Of course I shall never forget their hospitality.
I hope you have a lovely time and when you do eventually find your way home, that you are all the richer for the experience.