Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I don't know what happened to the serious man.

A great sigh of relief was emitted from my mouth, or rather, my soul, as I finally made it onto the Lufthansa flight to Tokyo.

I was sitting at a window seat. I was looking for any signs of irregularities outside, but noticed only a tinge of the air quite widespread, which looked like dust from some perspectives. It was hard to say if that was the effect of the volcanic ashes, though.

At first I had this theoretical fear that something might go amiss with the engine (which were quite visible from my seat, bad thing or good thing?). However, as I took my first glass of wine things started to become fuzzy. Before I knew it, the airplane was cruising over Russia, well out of the danger zone. Maybe alcohol is a great tranquilizer preventing the passengers from unduly panicking.

Probably I was in a mood for an entertainment spree after these days of trials. Surely I could be excused if I did not work. I watched three films in a row.

The first was "All about Steve", which traces the stalking activities of a narcotic, but not unattractive crosswords maniac girl.

The second was "The invention of lying", starring the "The Office" Star Ricky Gervais.

The last one was "A Serious man". I started watching the film assuming that it was another light-hearted comedy, but sensed something was different in the first few minutes. I looked at the film description again, and found that it was actually directed by Joel and Ethan Coen!

I found the film quite interesting, and wished to watch it to the end, but as the airplane approached Tokyo Narita airport the entertainment system was abruptly terminated. So I don't know what happened to the serious man.


MK said...

Welcome back to Japan, Mogi san.
Such an unexpected journey!
Please take a good rest.

I liked the Bobby photos, by the way.

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

I read your twitter now!
Welcome back to home base.
I'm glad to hear that.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy that you are back home - I really suffered with you taking your odyssey!

(ma)gog said...

You have finally made it!
I feel somehow relieved as well and am happy for you although I must say it is a bit lonely thought that you are not in Germany anymore.

During your stay in Munich, I told my daughter to make some rice balls for you and to take them to the airport or to the Hauptbahnhof or to the city town center, but she was busy with her own schedule, and she was too lazy to cook rice. I am sorry about that.

Anyway, next time I visit Munich, I will definitly go to the Cafe in the Hauptbahnhof to see your beloved Bobby.

Junko said...

Welcome home!
I read today's blog with relief.
After finishing the work,relax with congenial friends while drinking beer.

Anonymous said...

"Chronic low-level anxiety" comes to my mind when I read your posts lately. Like the "noise" we would get on a TV channel with no programming. If something is feeling wrong, it may be time you stopped and met up with it. Free-floating anxiety is said by some to be basically sadness that has forgotten itself. Sadness is okay. But if nothing is wrong, please ignore and delete this comment.

nakayan said...

It was a good that you could come back to Tokyo! nomiyatuko!
I thought that you go into exile in Germany.
Maybe, there is the serious man into the contingency the same as somebody.