Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Peace Shadow

My artist friend Tatsuo Miyajima has started a new project called Peace Shadow. It is a petition for peace, made by burning your shadow. Please take a moment to visit the website below and burn your shadow.

(When you go through the URL below with the suffix of /?id=60, you can witness my own entry into the poject. )


apple407 said...

No one on earth can know the sensation the Japanese people feel from the imagery of the explosion of atomic bombs, except for those who witnessed them first hand, and are still with us.

My mother was a Hiroshima survivor. She said the entire house she was living in disappeared, except the room she happened to be napping in at that moment with her first born. In a sense, those who perished were the lucky ones; those who “survived” faced a Hell on earth no one had ever witnessed in the history of mankind, or, likely will again.

kasen said...

Mr. Motegi hello
Thank you always.

What the atomic bomb left.
The war doesn't end still.
My aunt was exposed to radiation at a little time in Hiroshima of the destination.
She is being hospitalized in the hospital now.
The body is thin. The skin is damaged at once.
The bone breaks at once if it doesn't take care.

Though she lives energetically if there is no atomic bomb.

I go to her to meet.

It is pleased. There are a smile and safety.

The war is not good.
It is not absolutely good.
The fight is not good.

Do not begin fighting.
Let's already stop killing one another.

It is a message from me.

Thank you really on this occasion.