Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Muscle confusion

I came across an interesting concept recently. Muscle confusion. The idea is to expose the body to the greatest variety of movements, intervals, loads, modes of action as possible when you train. In other words, you treat your body as a complex system, not as a simpleton machine. I think the concept makes sense.

I have been doing push-ups and sit-ups these days, and what I find is that monotony leads to boredom. After a while you simply cannot take it any more, since your body knows already what to expect and it is not fun.

It is interesting to consider how you can expose your body to different kinds of physical trials, at quite unexpected times. In other words, you always try to take your body by surprise.


Anonymous said...

Here again I envision two different types of people. There are certainly those who fully enjoy their daily routines, doing exactly what they do everyday for their full satisfaction. Straying from the routine will make them uncomfortable and insecure. These people should be better suited to take on occupations of an already systematized (aka "bureaucratic") nature. I wonder if this has any biological or brain science implications and whether it can at all be scientifically possible some day to analyze and profile such fundamental and critical characteristics of human beings from this perspective so as to ensure that everyone can have a better understanding of themselves and a better idea as to how they can lead happier and more comfortable lives. Not that I encourage discrimination at any level however.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that the fitness community gave it the name muscle confusion. It seems like a better name would be something like brain body engagement. Because the process of learning new movements requires both feedback and feedforward, so the brain and the body must be engaged. Whereas a repeated/learned movement does not require so much feedback or error correction.