Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blessings would often come in the form of strangers

Traveling is quite important in life, as staying in one place and a single context restricts how one's brain and body function.

In an era where information is exchanged on a global level instantly, modes of physical travel remain strangely and rewardingly limited.

I went to the city of Ise yesterday, to attend a forum on food and health. I first had to take the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Nagoya, and then change to the Kintetsu line, taking a nap on the way, basking in the sunshine that came through the window.

When I awoke, I was in the middle of rice fields, where a couple of people were walking in a relaxed manner. In the distance, I saw a range of low mountains, with their peaks covered with white cloud.

I came all the way to witness this, I thought. My entire mind system went into a hitherto unknown condition. I smelt the pleasant approach of the unknown, and I knew at that moment that blessings would often come in the form of strangers.


Anonymous said...

I love traveling. In a graduation essay in my elementary school, every student wrote their dreams. My dream was to become a correspondent like Ms Kaoru Kanetaka. The TV show entitled “Kanetaka Kaoru: Sekai no Tabi (Kaoru Kanetaka’s the world around us)” was my favorite. I thought her ways of introductions on each region's traditions were very polite.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned before, my view is that there are two types of people; Those who enjoy traveling long distances and those who don't. I wonder if this generalization has any connection with one's level of "intolerance" as well as his/her level of appreciation towards "distant things". For me, "globalism" of the mind is the ultimate "pragmatism" from a philosophical perspective and where the world in general (less Japan) is heading, led by the US. Where our country is heading from a pragmatic standpoint, I have absolutely no idea. The car industry (as with a similar case with the tire industry years back) may reveal where we are actually situated at current and soon prove to become a bitter lesson of where we should consider heading...

Yuzu said...

I agree with you. I feel so refreshment of mind and body during traveling. I am glad you can enjoy traveling,because you travel a lot.
You teach me that relaxing is best way for brain(mind,soul....)
So I will try travel in my life too.

apple407 said...

To learn and grow constantly, to see anew life that beckons us forever forward.