Friday, December 25, 2009

Thunderbird 2, my friend.

Although less than 1% of Japanese are Christians, the custom of Christmas festivities and present givings are avidly followed here, especially by the ever eager kids.

When I was six, I wanted so badly the secret base of thunderbirds, complete with Thunderbird 1 and Thunderbird 2. I repeatedly looked at the picture of the machine-equipped and gadget-filled island in the advertisements with shining eyes.
If only I could get the secret base!

The world will be mine, I thought.

I could not get the secret base itself, though. To my great disappointment, the local store did not carry it, and the idea of internet shopping was a futuristic non-existence in those days.

I got a Thunderbird 2 instead.

Although not particularly stylish, because of its abilities to carry tons of equipments, Thunderbird 2 fascinated me. Its fat shape was universally popular among boys.

Maybe that's why my body around the belly resembles the Thunderbird 2 nowadays.

Thunderbird 2, my friend.

The secret base ("Tracy Island").
Something similar to this infused
the 6 year old me with yearning and desire.

Thunderbird 2. My friend.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Your sense of humor is hilarious! It reminds me of when I was child and really wanted something. Except I was a bit more creative, stubborn, and had mountains of denial. Most toys that I wanted my parents could not afford so I was always convinced that I could make it myself and make it even better. I would do a decent job most of the time, although it became more complicated as I got older. But the hard part was convincing my friends it was the store bought original...I never succeed once...ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

Due to Dr Mogi's essay, sometimes morning laughter wells up in me like this "=P"
hahaha ... thank you ..

Anonymous said...


of course, I can sing a song of the Thunderbird, but only the phase "Thunde~r-bird~".

Also, I still remember the excellent characteristics (qualities?) of almost all the Thunderbird family members... :)

viento said...

got it ! resemble what they like.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I love Thunderbird 1. But my body around belly is ......

砂山鉄夫(Tetsu Sunayama) said...

Oh, this is the king of secret bases!

I couldn't get the secret base of Thunderbirds in my little pocket money. But that's OK. Nobody of the neighborhood could get such an expensive item. We all were on an equal footing.

One day, we brats went to our own real secret base in the woods. Our boss said, "Why not remake our base like the secret base of Thunderbirds?" We all responded in a loud voice, "Yeah! Let's do that!" "Yeah!"

It was a brilliant day in those good old days...

Yuzu said...

My heart was so heating in this morning. Because I loved watching TV program "Tunderbird ". I was crazy about it. I felt something my dream in that world.
And I almost fallen in love with TV program character.
I think one of reason is that character's eyes are so pure and shining to me.
Mr.Mogi,do you laugh about me?
Anyway you always give me something happiness to me. Thank you so much.