Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Paper hat

While I was studying in Cambridge, I was invited to my mentor Horace Barlow's Xmas party once. It was a small and cozy party, with Horace's family and lab members.

Horace at that time was already of a venerable age, and yet it was fun to watch how he enjoyed opening the Christmas cracker, just like a child.

Out of all the contents of the Christmas cracker, the paper hat was the main thing. People wore them without exception, including Horace.

I have a vivid recollection of how Horace was smiling, with the paper hat on his head, looking like a five year old trying to pretend to be a king. To this day I cherish the memory of the wonderful sunshine emanating from Horace's countenance.

A Christmas crackers is a great inducer of the child in one. A child inducer is always a good thing.

Horace Barlow.


etsukosuda said...

I've just learned about Kim Peek's death in the obituary section of The Times. I remember Dr. Mogi's report on his meeting with Kim in the States. Finding his obituary was a very strange coincidence, really, because only yesterday I spotted a DVD of 'Rain Man' and bought it to watch over Christmas. Later on in the evening I checked on savants and Kim on the internet. There is definitely so-called synchronicity!

光嶋 夏輝 said...

Good morning!
And happy christmas eve.
I wish you spend good today wearing a paper hat!

yuzu said...

I will love Mr.Horace Barlow.
> A child inducer is always a good thing.
A child will run to follow Mr.Horace Barlow.
Then a child will be a beautiful adult.
I would love to be like a Mr.Horace.