Monday, October 12, 2009

They can't know.

"De Profundis" is a work in the form of a letter that Oscar Wilde wrote during his time in prison. In it, there is this beautiful passage.

The more mechanical people...always know where they are going, and go there...A man whose desire is to be something separate from himself, to be a Member of Parliament, or a successful grocer, or a prominent solicitor, or a judge, or something equally tedious, invariably succeeds in being what he wants to be.

That is his punishment. Those who want a mask have to wear it. But with the dynamic forces of is different. People whose desire is solely for self-realization never know where they are going. They can't know.


One never knows where one is going, if one follows one's inner voice. How true.

There is glory in being lost. Not knowing where to go, one encounters the vastness of the universe face to face.


R.Yuzuriha said...

What a beautiful! Thank you for wonderful messages.I have desire to be one...

Petrusa de Koker said...

I agree. Its way more exciting and challenging not to know where you will be tomorrow/next year/in 5 year's time. I ask myself whether I would really like to know exactly where I am going and what I will be. Would I really like to be able to "see" my whole life forward neatly planned and layed out? To be honest, I would rather find out as I go along.

Naoki said...

This one is definitely one of the most impressive posts ever!