Friday, October 16, 2009


I usually take a morning stroll to a convenience store nearby, and pick up some morning goods. For the last couple of days, I have walked on to the park, and dashed up the hill that flanks the woods.

It is just a little deviation, which makes all the difference. In life, you turn 90 degrees and run from your path of everyday, and then you discover a new scenery.

It is not that difficult. All you have to do is to identify an unsearched domain. And then you delve into it. Even for a very brief time.

Within a moment the storm of contingency would rage. The conviction that you are here for no reason. You taste the throbbing sensation of knowing you could have been quite another, while loving and embracing the here and now.

From a recent twitter entry.

Mediocrity hurts. The remedy is the sky.


PS said...

Another great post. Your English has really improved this year - now the words seem to do whatever you want.

Takuro said...

Your blog is so fascinating that I cannot help leaving my comment from time to time.
I am a student at one of your workplaces, Waseda university.
The other day, I took a walk in my recess at school and went to Toyama park near the school. I was amazed that there was plenty of greenery, fresh air, and refreshing breeze unlike the crowded town and campus of Waseda.
It was my small deviation, yet I recognized that the sky is true remedy for our urban lives.

PS said...

I kept thinking about this post. You're writing about walking a different way, but I think you can extend this to thinking in another domain. This is why it's good not to get too focused on your own discipline - to step out and learn about other things.

Knowledge that's commonplace and widely understand in one domain is shocking and new in another.

moomin0sun said...

Thanks a lot.
Yes,I believe myself. I would like to do so.How short my words are! From another point of view, eco.

Natural2 said...

I like your deviation experience. Then I recall my walking experience and I noticed I have a similar deviation in my walking on river side Green Belt. I love walking there morning. When I walking too fast, I tend to take a deep breath and start walking again with nature rhythm. It's my deviation path start. There I become more noticing the natural life. The fresh air,the refreshing sunlight through the wood, many kind of bird's songs and the murmuring of a stream. It become new scenery. I even notice naturally a Great Blue Heron with his or her graceful existence in the river whereas I may not notice by walking fast. So the deviation also is the entrance of different time space. As like being in Mozart’s music. So relaxing.