Friday, September 25, 2009

The brat element

I think I was a dirty brat. During the elementary school days, I used to take a bath with a book in my hand. Often, I did not wash at all, and would get out of the bath where the only difference was that I have progressed with the reading of the book by several pages. My mother used to accuse me of "a crow's bathing", after a popular expression in Japan referring to a bath taking without the cleansing elements.

As a result, my hair would often get oily, as if a natural additive was applied to the head shrub. I was literally an oily boy.
Nowadays, I take shower and wash my hair every morning. And yet, I do not distinguish between soap and shampoo. Most often, I wash my hair with a bar of soap. The brat element has not left me.


Petrusa de Koker said...

Hmmm... Boys and baths :-)
Boys, water and sand mix very well, but boys, water and soap is a totally different chemistry subject. :-D

Ken Mogi said...

Petrusa, that is a fitting expression. Big boys don't mix well with the soap bar.