Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That crucial water flow

I continued to stroll in the beautiful region of Takashima.

In the Harie district, many houses are equipped with Kabata, a natural water pool where people cool watermelons and vegetables in summer. Carps swim around. They are fed with leftovers from the kitchen. Some of them are tens of years old.

So water is the essential ingredient of life's circulation. No matter where you are on land, water is the single most important and invigorating element for life. Other things such as minerals, sunshine, and background biomass are equally important. Water turns these elements finally into life. Thus, the water flow determines the thriving and interdependence of life.

A kabata is a striking visualization of that crucial water flow.

A scene from Kabata. Tranquility and harmony.

From a Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries webpage.


Utako said...

A natural water pool where people cool watermelons, and well fed carps swim around !
We should be thankful that the cycle of natural water is kept in the usual living.

Many houses in the country had been equipped with a flowing pool or a well. There were a well and a brook in our yard. Shrimps, loaches, and firefly larvae had their own way. Water hyacinths bloomed close together and purified water.

" What we belonged to before, but now we are separated from" (from the Japanese blog)
Probably we are trying to fill a want by various ways.
This feeling of lack may be my fuel for artistic hope.

yuzu said...

I may have been in the beautiful region of Takashima .
It was a dream or not which was not important.

I think....so.

If I have an image of it.
It is enough.

I think so.

And I will start to go to there again.

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