Monday, August 24, 2009

Something in us becomes dumb

Computers are wonderful things, but to the extent that we associate with them, something in us becomes dumb.
It is especially true for the internet.

That was my conviction as I strolled in the beautiful rural town of Takashima, Shiga Prefecture, which I visited for a symposium on anti-aging.

There was a special ceremony going on in the small temple, where local people gathered, with children running joyously in the gardens. The old ladies and gentlemen chanted softly Buddhist prayers. It was the perfect visualization of a harmonious life.
You had to open your sensitivities, and witness the happenings, beyond any prescribed meaning, no technical structure. The scenery had nothing to do with the modern technologies. There was something in your mind, quite sacred and vibrant, that became active only when you cut your central nervous system from these wondrous things we call "modern computing technologies."

Apart from these gibberishes, I simply loved the beautiful Satoyama of Takashima.

Lost in the harmony. In Takashima, Shiga.

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Utako said...

This is not gibberish, I certainly received the manner of being in Satoyama.

Though I can't describe the way we have a lost look, I think it is effective in looking at foxtail grasses and morning glory tendrils in downtown Tokyo.
We will be able to hug the lovable green tail or tendril in our heart like this.

As I can't travel in various places, your travel sketch is a great blessing to me, too.