Monday, August 10, 2009

Tears of onceness.

When the onceness of life touches us, tears drop from the eyes.

Yesterday, there was a wedding party. Shinichi Nozawa, a Ph.D student in my laboratory at the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Emiko Ito, an editor at the publishing house Chikumashobo, were married.

In Japanese wedding festivities, it is customary that the newly-wed couple present flower bouquets to their parents at the end of the party, expressing gratitude.

As the pair approached the parents, they already appeared to be on the verge of crying.

The childhood days when they clung to the knees of their parents. The entrance ceremonies of elementary school. The cherry blossoms. The sports meeting, with parents watching the child run. The graduation of universities. Parents treated by the first salary of life.

All these things, with the inevitable procession of time, surround the couple. Shinichi and Emiko cry. The tears are the crystals of their happiness, the epitome of passage of life.

Here's to the the tears of onceness.

Shinichi and Emiko preparing to present the bouquet.
In Joshui Kaikan party room, Tokyo.

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Utako said...

Fine report!

Congratulations on your marriage, Mr.and Mrs.Nozawa. I wish you great lasting happiness.

I received a share of happiness from the picture of the beautiful bride and groom with colorful bouquets. I can imagine the moment that the pair approaches the parents, probably with solem steps and faces. Then the attendance would unify with them.

I am usually tired of a wedding in the middle of the entertainments, but always sit up straight at the closing presentation of bouquets. It might be a great religious ceremony in this pantheistic country.