Monday, July 06, 2009


Now I have kept this journal for one month in a row, starting from the 6th of June entry "A double sin". There were two entries prior to that (3rd and 4th of June), but the continuation was broken because I did not make any entries on the 5th.

The Qualia Journal itself as initiated on 9th October 2004, with the entry "Hello World". There were 11 entries in that year. The year 2005 saw 44 entries, followed by 29 in 2006, 68 in 2007, and just 11 in 2008.

This year I intend to continue this "blog streak" for quite a long time, unless something inevitable prevents me from doing it. The reason why I am doing this is complex in psychology but simple in the principles.

It is always the principles that count.


TSHFKYM said...

I blog everyday (unless I'm on vacation) for similar reasons as well. I really enjoy reading your blog. I hope that gives you a little bit more motivation to keep that streak going!

Anonymous said...

Yes, as TSHFKYM mentioned, I enjoy reading your blog. You seem to walk a fine line of weaving your personal experiences with your work. I think that in itself is a wonderful skill, indeed. The sense of professionalism enhances the thoughtfulness of your ideas and urges the reader to read on in an attentive way. Your constant daily posts have actually motivated me to start my own blog. Thanks, I hope you keep blogging!

Utako said...

"Hey, let's have lunch." My coworkers let me know and have gone out.
"What are you doing?" The captain of our study group asks me. She brings her own lunch.
"Writing." I answer.
She smiles mysteriously, and says.
"we all talk that you want to be a secretary of the next Minister of Foreign Affairs."
"... If you permit me to sink our home. I just play away games."

I really like the word "away" that you often speak. I'd like to continue this.

Johan said...

The idea that principles count more than psychology seems intuitively true.
But what's the justification for it? Is this because principles represent a future, fully realized ideal for one's psychology, and the psychology itself is stuck in a perpetually half-realized state?

kirainet said...

blogging becomes easier when it becomes an HABIT. I've been posting at least once every weekday since 2003 in my blog, if I don't post one day I feel like... there is something missing. Ganbatte!

Anonymous said...

you cannot stop. I think many peoples are in the sound of silence. Actually, I was being in South Africa last week, I continued enjoying your essays so much in the business center in the hotel. It was needed to pay 30 Rand/within 30 min. Maybe reading your page has been becoming my jolly habit although I am not a smart reader so i cannot post a comment nicely... m^^

Ken Mogi said...

Dear, Johan,

Thank you for you interesting comments.
I think principles provide the stability structure while psychology is more tuned to the uncertainties as you interact with the environment. The problem is, you cannot fully describe the principles by a formal system. I understand you are based in Univ. of Tokyo. Hope to see you sometime these days!